How can I get an apartment
How can I afford the tuition fees
What kind of job can I do part time
What is the cost of living in Paris
How can I get my visa
How many hours a week of French do I have
Is it hard to find an internship
How to apply for the French social security
How can I get my residence card (“carte de séjour”)
What are the requirements needed for application
What are the mandatory documents that need to be uploaded apart from filling the standard template provided
When does the master program begin
When does the master program end
When are the applications deadlines
When will I know if I am admitted or not
What does the International Student Pack include
As I don't know French, will it be possible for me to take Master’s program in EPITA in terms of Survival
The place where EPITA School is situated is how much far from Paris
How can I handle the cultural shock
Associations at EPITA
What are the differences between the ME and the MSc?